Multi Copy Paste

'The best of its kind' Jane, a student
'Excellent for my work. The expected long ago. 'Antonio, journalist
'Only 50 euro cents for a service that I've always wanted' Diana, housewife
How many times have you ever copied something you needed and then copy another by mistake, losing the first permanently? Want the chance to choose what to copy between multiple things at once? Well we have created the right application for you. In fact, for the first time in the store you can copy all the text you want without worrying about losing them, as they will be saved ALL. When you want to paste something, just enter the interior of Multi Copy Paste (thanks to the convenient and immediate icon in the notifications) and choose what you want to glue together all that you have copied so far! But there's more, each copied item can be edited, deleted, or shared with friends via social networks or via email!
Multi Copy Paste revolutionizes the mechanism of copy-paste and makes this incredibly dynamic and intuitive!
Version 2.3
Added the ability to merge texts copied.
Version 2.2
Improved stability
Version 2.1
Added the ability to change the theme
Version 2.0
Improved interface and services
Version 1.9
Improved the overall functioning
Version 1.8
Added a setting to choose your preferred language
Version 1.7
Added German language
Version 1.6
Added two options for the management of shared text and the management of the icon in the notification bar
Version 1.5
Improved stability
Version 1.4
Improved interface and services
Version 1.3
Improved stability
Version 1.2
Increased At ease of use
Version 1.1
Improved functionality and improved compatibility with all devices

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Download Multi Copy Paste: 240Kb APK